The accelerated development and economic transformation being rolled out by the ruling New Patriotic Party in all parts of the country continue to wow and attract many well meaning Ghanaians from all walks of life to the party.

On Monday 24th February,2020 the opposition NDC in the Daboya / Mankarigu constituency was hit with yet another political blow with a massive defection of over 300 Die -hard NDC sympathizers from Mankarigu and Sagya to the ruling New Patriotic Party. The second, in a less than a week after a similar defection of more than 85 of it’s members in Kuporto.

The defectees, in a short ceremony to officially discard their membership from the NDC cited among other reasons the hopelessness, willfull neglect of the youth and a total blackout of their communities over the last eight wasteful years of the NDC despite their loyalty to the party since birth.

Leadership of the defectees recounted painfully, how they sacrificed their lives for the NDC and has never benefited any meaningful development from the party. Alhassan Inusah aka Appiah; a lead drummer in all NDC rallies disclosed they felt used and dumbed by the NDC member of parliament for the area who doesn’t even answer their phone calls after the election anymore, talkless of listening to their concerns.


However, the group disclosed that over the last three years of the visionary AKUFO-ADDO government, they have witnessed massive life changing socio-economic development in the area.

They were highly excited at the level of development being carried out by the NPP in less than four years, a feat they described as unprecedented.

For the first time in the history of the district a road was under construction to link Mankarigu to the district capital Daboya, which they say will go a long way to open up the area for investments and also enable them carry their farm produce to market centers.

Many of them have also been employed under government’s afforestation programme for the youth through the forestry commission while others were also benefitting from the Planting for Food and Jobs policy as they are predominantly farmers.

They were also happy about the president’s Free Senior High School education policy since most of them no longer have to sell all their farm produce to educate their children.

Musah Ayisha; an SHS drop-out, recounted painfully how she was rusticated from secondary school because her parents could not afford to pay her fees but today her two kid siblings were in school studying for free. They also mentioned the frantic efforts being made by the Honourable,DCE to connect them to the national grid, the building of school blocks, health centers, provision of potable drinking water among others.


Leadership of the defectees: Alhassan Inussah aka Appiah, Salifu Sadiku aka DJ Benja, Maasu Ayaba, Yahaya Abiba and Sule Rafiu pledged their unflinching support for the NPP and it’s parliamentary candidate for the constituency Alhaji Mahama Asei Seini whom they christened ‘Tumteena’ to wit ‘Chief of development’ as he has always committed his personal resources into developing the area as a private person.

They assured the NPP of joining their campaign train to every nook and cranny of the constituency to preach the good gospel to all towards ensuring a landslide victory for the party come December, 2020 elections as this was the only way they could continue to enjoy all of these great policies of the government and even more.

According Tindana Sulemana, they were proudly shocked and amazed to see the 8.6km Mankarigu – Zeipe – Sagya road been opened up and constructed by the DCE, Hon Red Bawa.

The NPP parliamentary candidate Alhaj Mahama Asei Seini in the company of executives of Daboya/Mankarigu constituency lead by chairman Alhaj Yahaya Kasim was full of praise for them in rejecting the age old deception and divisiveness of the NDC in the constituency.

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