Coup plot trial: Kpando chiefs call on gods to intercede for Dr Mac-Palm [watch]

A Sub-Divisional Chief of Kpando Dzoanti in the Kpando Municipality of the Volta region, Fia Adjei III, has appealed to the government to grant Dr Fred Yaw Mac-Palm, a son of the land prerogative mercy.

The Chief made this call during a short ceremony to pour libation to call for the intervention of the gods and ancestors of the land to ‘intercede’ in the judicial process involving the medical doctor.

Dr Mac-Palm is one of the key suspects in court over alleged plot to destabilise the nation.

File photo: The suspects after court proceedings
File photo: The suspects after court proceedings

“The president has no power to intervene in the court, what he can do is to offer prerogative of mercy. This is the power I know the president has. When someone is put in jail he has the power to intervene,” he said.

Watch video of the chiefs pouring libation above:


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