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GPL: Two referees have been banned for the rest of the season| Aduanaba |

The Disciplinary Committee of the Ghana Football Association has banned Referee Isaac Bassaw and Assistant Referee one, A.F. Zakari.

In a match between Wassaman vs Star Madrid, Wassaman complained about the referee Isaac Bassaw and Assistant referee one ,A.F. Zakari’s decision of disallowing the goal they scored against Star Madrid which ended the game goalless.

In the video, the committee noticed that the referees’ decision was wrong and Wassaman should have been credited with the goal.

The committee also found that the decision of the referee and his assistant brought negativity to the game which finally resulted in a sudden end of the game


Consequently the match review panel, therefore, takes the following decision;

Referee Isaac Bassaw and Assistant referee A.F. Zakari are hereby banned from officiating for the rest of the league season.


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