NDC sues EC over plans to reject old voter ID cards and birth certificates for new registration

The opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) has filed a suit in the Supreme Court challenging the Electoral Commission (EC)’s intention to use the Ghana Card and the Ghanaian passport as the only identification documents for the upcoming voters registration exercise.

In its writ filed against the EC and the Attorney-General (A-G), the biggest opposition party is seeking a declaration that the move by the EC is unconstitutional because it will disenfranchise many potential voters.

Constitutional Instrument

On Monday, the EC submitted to Parliament a Constitutional Instrument (C.I) which, if passed, shall make the Ghana card and the Ghanaian passport the only legal identification documents that will be accepted for the voters registration exercise.

Per the C.I, those who do not have either of the two identification documents can, however, go ahead to register on condition that they can get two people who have already registered to back them.

If Parliament approves the amendment, it will mean that other forms of national identification, such as the existing voter ID card, cannot be used in registration for the new voter ID card.


The NDC, in its writ, argues per Article 42 of the 1992 Constitution that all existing voter ID cards issued by the EC are valid for the purpose of the upcoming registration and, therefore, they are seeking a declaration from the apex court to the effect.

It further wants a declaration from the Supreme Court that any move to exclude the existing voter ID cards for the upcoming voter registration exercise is unconstitutional, null and void.

In view of that, the NDC further wants the Supreme Court to order the EC to include all existing voter identification cards duly issued by the EC as one of the legal documents that will be accepted for the voters registration exercise.

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